In England most of self-employed people or directors of Ltd companies using advice and services of the accountant. Do you know that one does not have to have relevant qualifications to call themselves accountant or that you, as a client, are responsible for the returns and information sent to HMRC.

What to do to protect yourself from mistakes and potential financial penalties?

You should use the services of qualified accountant!

1. Qualified accountant is registered with professional bodies and bound by the codes and regulations as well as disciplinary procedures and monitoring. This way you always know who to contact if the circumstances require it.

2. Qualified accountant has relevant qualifications and knowledge and uses them to give you the best and reliable advice. You will know that you are in good hands and your finances are always a priority.

3. The best is to use qualified accountant who had knowledge of the specific field or industry as rules differ from one industry to another.

4. Qualified accountant is obliged to undertake continues professional development and keep up to date with current changes. You know that services provided are always to the best standards and the most accurate.

5. Qualified accountant will provide services on time and will inform you about any further actions to be taken and any obligations. You will avoid unnecessary problems, worries and potential financial consequences.

Obviously, it is your choice.

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